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Monday, February 21, 2011

Everything was Always Great...Until it Wasn"t!!!

A little boy of 5 years old stands in the corner with his hands held to his face! His father has been gone for several days but today his friends laid him on the front porch, passed out drunk, again. He had ran out of money and friends. The little boy watched as his mother took his father by the arms and dragged him across the floor into the house; then across the floor of the living room to the bed room.
The little boy helped his mom lift his father up into the bed. Then he stood in the door way as he watched his mother take strips of rags and tie his father’s hands and feet to the head and foot board of the bed; one to each side, so he was tied tightly, spread across the bed.
The little boy went into the kitchen with his mom and helped her prepare dinner then they sat in silence and ate. Finally the little boy went to bed and off to sleep with hope that this time it would be alright.
Much later in the night the little boy was woken from a deep sleep by loud voices. He knew what was happening so he got up and went to his parents’ bedroom door in case his mom needed his help.
Knowing there was little such a small child could do to help he still felt that he had to try. He watched as his father thrashed in the bed fighting the rag ropes that kept him tied to the bed until his wrists and ankles were bloody. He ranted and raved at the little boy’s mom about letting him loose and about giving him something to drink.
After what seemed like forever, he knew it was a long time because it had become daylight, his father passed out again. The little boy held and hugged his mom as she stood looking down at his father with tears streaming down her face. For the longest time they stood like that holding each other. Finally his father started moving again and the little boy backed into the corner of the bed room and watched as his mom went to his father and with a sharp kitchen knife cut the rag ropes!
He knew what was about to happen because he had seen it before too many times! He watched as his father began to shake and tremble all over, tossing and tumbling in the bed and mumbling unrecognizable words. The little boy watched as his mom dragged his father from the bed and laid him out in the floor then lifted his head and laid it in her lap.
His father began to tear at his air force flight suit with his hands and the little boy knew the bugs were back and his father was trying to get them off. He watched as his mom moved his father’s hands from his clothing and held his head as he thrashed back and forth. The little boy watched as his father literally tore the flight suit from his body and cut bloody streaks across his chest and arms with his fingernails trying to get the bugs that the little boy could not see off of himself. He watched in fear as he saw his mom getting blood all over her as she tried to restrain his father. He was really frightened that some of the blood on his mom was her own and not all from his father. The little boy didn’t know how much time had passed but it was dark outside again.
After the longest forever his father passed out again and as the little boy stood in the corner with his hands over his face and tears streaming through his fingers, his mom looked up at him, tears streaming down her face then nodded her head at the little boy. He knew then that the worst was over and the hospital men would come and take his father away.
The little boy stood in the corner of the room with his hands over his face and wondered when it would all happen again. This time it had taken two days for it all to end!


  1. Oh BS - I am SO sorry for this little boy...I assume it was you? You really have become a good writer...I am so sorry for all that you had to endure but I know that what didn't kill you made you stronger!

  2. Very moving story, I think I saw this before on your RB account. It is just me seeing what everyone's blogs are like, (Cindy Schnackel from RB). Nice work on your blog, and wonderful writing. Wish I could post w/my new google acct but it is not letting me even tho I'm logged in. Oh well...steep learning curve.

  3. I will just say I agree with Kim, God bless you my friend! I typed a long reply but it disappeared when I hit i will not attempt to rewrite it all... I respect, and honor the kind, caring, compassionate man you are today. Honored to have met you! ccwri